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Build on the skills you already have

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What is Food Literacy?

Knowing About Food

Whether it’s finding reliable info about nutrition or leaning how foods can fit into your eating pattern… knowing about food can help you make choices that work for you and your family.

Food Skills and Feeling Confident

Feeling confident and believing in yourself is a journey when it comes to cooking, using nutrition info, and our relationships with food. 

Systems and Environments

It’s true: our cultures and traditions, the places we live, and the structure of our communities are connected to the food we eat. 

Food Decisions

Food that’s available and our life situations can impact our choices. Small steps towards balanced eating can go a long way!

Community Connections

Whether it is through community gardens, cooking programs, or volunteer opportunities, there is a place for you at the table. 

About Us

Food brings us together, and is such an important part of our health and well-being. Let’s Talk Food Literacy is a free cooking and nutrition series created by Registered Dietitians, Community Workers, and Communications staff at Peterborough Public Health. The hope is to explore food literacy together, build on the skills we already have, and connect with our communities.  

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Food Friday

Simple tips for preventing food waste and saving you time and money while shopping, prepping, and cooking meals.

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